The site Mobile Apps For Mormons ( has 4 mobile apps I think your family will enjoy.

  • LDS Prophets & ApostlesDo you know the LDS leaders? With this fun and inspiring mobile app, you can learn about our present leaders and all the latter-day prophets.
  • LDS Scripture Mastery. Learn all 100 Scripture Mastery verses.
  • LDS Articles of Faith. An easy to use game to learn, memorize, and test your memory on all 13 Articles of Faith. (An Apple iOS version is also coming soon.)
  • LDS Prophets & Apostles Lite. Do you know the church leaders? Learn present leaders & all latter-day Prophets!

The apps were created by Evan Mullins, a web developer by trade and a Mormon by faith. With his love for the Lord and a career in web development, he naturally gravitated toward making tools that could help him explore and express his LDS faith digitally. He has a passion on working on apps that everyone can enjoy and also learn by using. Some of the apps are free and some are 99 cents.


Want one of these apps for free? Evan will give a free download to the first person to answer one of these questions correctly:

  • Who is the oldest current apostle? (Post your answer below to win a free download of and LDS Scripture Mastery.)
  • Since the Church was reorganized in 1830, which apostle lived to be the oldest? (Post your answer below to win a free download of LDS Prophets & Apostles.)

One free download per person.

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