Guest Post by Ganel-Lyn Condie

Today, I read a public statement from someone that is no longer a member of the LDS church. She said this of current members of the church "only the least talented, least articulate, least nuanced thinkers, least likely to take a stand against abuse, and the least courageous people thrive in the Church today.” THIS IS NOT MY TRUTH!

For evidence, I offer a book that I have worked on for over 3 years. I Can Do Hard Things with God, is an anthology of women that are SMART, articulate, VERY HIGHLY EDUCATED, dedicated, BRAVE, courageous THINKERS. The women profiled aren't perfect but we trust our God, we sustain a Prophet, we live our faith EVEN when things are HARD, very HARD. This book is a small sample of LDS women. I know that many, MANY non-Mormon readers have already bought the book. I pray those that are Mormon, Muslim, Jew and Catholic, and non-LDS everywhere will read these few personal stories and see that the belittling statements of a few do not represent the intelligence I see all around me in the lives of the members of the Mormon faith.

I have received grateful messages from readers. One women wrote about Elizabeth Harris, a chapter on Depression and Anxiety, “... It helped me hang on through [my] own ‘blender brain’,” She went on to say, “Ganel-Lyn, when you talk to Elizabeth, please tell her thank you for me. Because of her courage to share, I now have the words, for the first time in my life, to say what the extreme anxiety feels like. She has truly blessed my life.”

Elizabeth is a pen name - she is one of the most courageous, INTELLIGENT, and faithful women I know. She stands among millions of Mormon women and non-Mormon women in the world that are strong -because of their faith, not in spite of their faith. Many in the world are fighting tough, private battles ... some of those struggles are shared in I Can Do Hard Things with God. I have prayed for 3 years that in sharing stories isolation will be demolished and hope is tapped. 

Healing is real. The power of God, to bring healing to any wound, is what this book is about. It is honest, not candy coated. It is funny and heart wrenching. It is a testimony of strong women that I love and honor. After a 44 year lifetime of membership in the LDS Church, I can say, with no RESERVATION, that I see honest, funny, smart women/men of faith in the Mormon Church.

In conclusion, I submit another quote, from Chapter 16, I Can Do Hard Things with God, "Examples of Strength: History Has Shown We All Can Do Hard Things", by the brilliant, MBA graduate, faithful, courageous, mother/wife of faith Michelle Leonard, 

“The beauty and miracle of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the belief in a personal, living God, a God who can comfort and guide us individually. Women have done things that at times haven't been logical, but they have prayed and followed that Spirit of God and survived. They have looked to God and lived."

Ganel-Lyn is dedicated to her family, faith, and inspiring others to live healthy balanced lives. She loves teaching others with writing, speaking and consulting. She has healed from a major chronic illness and is the mother to two miracle children. Ganel-Lyn lives with an open heart and feels passionate about sharing principles and personal spiritual practices that will empower others to live balanced and joyful lives. Ganel-Lyn enjoys writing a column, Everyday Faith, for the Daily Herald (Utah County). She contributes to the Divorce Support Center website as an expert. Ganel-Lyn's first published book, by Covenant Communications, is available in STORES now. Connect with Ganel-Lyn on

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