calendarThe recent updates to the Calendar on make scheduling and keeping track of ward and stake events easier for leaders and families.


Anyone with an LDS Account can use the calendar. To see calendars for your ward and stake, go to and sign in using your LDS Account username and password, then select Calendar from the drop-down menu.

You can subscribe to the calendars you are interested in viewing. For example, parents may want to see the calendars for their children’s youth groups to stay informed about upcoming activities. Having all ward and stake youth events visible in one place can be helpful when trying to schedule family vacations.

You can view the calendar online or print a PDF showing activities by month, week, or day (agenda).


All members of the ward and stake council and their counselors are responsible for and have rights to schedule events for their organizations. Just select the + sign in the top right corner of the calendar screen and fill in the boxes with the appropriate information. When there are scheduling conflicts, you receive information online to help resolve the conflict without needing to contact the building scheduler.

The calendar can be used for more than just scheduling rooms in meetinghouses.

  • Create calendar events for activities that take place in members’ homes.
  • Schedule dates for youth camps.
  • Schedule temple nights and food drives.
  • Schedule meals or splits with missionaries.
  • Schedule temple recommend interview times.

Building Schedulers

Building schedulers are responsible for scheduling funerals, ward cleaning assignments, and family events. Ward and stake leaders can reserve the building themselves by entering events on their calendar.

Each building now has its own calendar, seen only by the building scheduler. To see the name of your building scheduler, click on the name of the building displayed on the left side of the screen.

New Training Materials

  • Access online help by clicking the question mark in the top right corner of the calendar screen.
  • Read or print a quick reference guide for various callings.

Other major updates recently made to the calendar:

  • Online Help has been improved.
  • Stake leaders, including high councilors, can subscribe to the calendars of all units in the stake.
  • Building schedulers can create events for their assigned buildings.
  • Full-time missionaries can see calendars for the units they are assigned to.
  • Out-of-unit leaders, such as those serving in YSA wards, can now see the calendar where they are serving as well as their home ward.


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