Long ago I came up with the Perfect College Football Playoff System.  Actual college football has since taken a baby step towards this system, but as was shown today, it is still very flawed.  Ohio State was given a pass on what I believe to be reputation over teams just as, if not more, deserving of a spot in the playoff.

So let me briefly review the Perfect College Football Playoff System yet again:

A 16 team playoff.
Champion from each conference gets a spot.
At large teams chosen from top teams on AP poll after conference champions are removed.
Teams are ranked 1-16 by a committee and paired 1 vs. 16, etc.
Higher Ranked Team is home team in first round.
Subsequent rounds are played at neutral sites and paired by committee as bowl games.

This is the perfect system.  How would this system look this year (with some assumptions)?

(16) Georgia So. at (1) Alabama
(15) Northern Ill. at (2) Florida St.
(14) Memphis at (3) Oregon
(13) Marshall at (4) Baylor
(12) Boise St. at (5) Ohio St.
(11) Kansas St. at (6) TCU
(10) Georgia Tech at (7) Michigan St.
(9) Mississippi at (8) Mississippi St.

This year deserving teams like TCU and Baylor get their shot.  We would also get to see just how good teams like Memphis or Marshall are against more traditionally powerful schools.  No teams would be protesting since they did not even win their own conference.  Teams like BYU and Notre Dame would need to be ranked in the top 6 after conference champs are removed which would not be hard for a championship level team.

On the downside teams like Mississippi and Georgia Tech get second (or third) chances they do not really deserve, but they serve as a measuring stick for teams from smaller conferences.  The NCAA should adopt this system at once.

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