(In case you were wondering, the reason I did not live blog the Priesthood session is simply that I felt it more appropriate to attend at our chapel, and I have no portable blogging device.)

Sunday afternoon session. President Eyring conducts.

Choir: “Lo, the Mighty God Appearing”

Prayer: David F. Evans. “Our strength faithened.” Sometimes our slips of the tongue are wiser than we intended.

M. Russell Ballard speaks of a river trip in Cataract Canyon. White water rapids. Careful preparation using Park web site. Three rules paramount: Stay in the boat. Always wear a life jacket. Always hold on with both hands. But especially stay in the boat.

Good advice for life, with its own white water rapids. The Lord supplies a boat, supplies, river guides, and a life jacket. Stay in the boat: Brigham Young and the old ship Zion. I think of the medieval cathedral, with its nave.  Those who leave this church risk drowning. People losing their way when things are good like those going swimming away from Old Ship Zion when the weather is good.

Need a continuing conversion. Faith and faithfulness.

United Presidency and Twelve speak with the voice of the Lord. They do not live in a bubble.

Always wear a life jacket and hold on with both hands. Scriptures. Search diligently to become men and women of sound understanding. Focus on living the doctrine of Christ. Focus on central truths of the Gospel. Members free to ask questions and seek further understanding.

Bear one another’s burdens.

Richard G. Scott speaks of Adam and Eve. Their state in the Garden. They did not know they could be happy. Fall led to opposition. Sadness and joy. Knowledge of good and evil introduced into the world. We all are tried and tested as a result. The Atonement overcomes every difficulty we experience in mortality.

Trying times. Many sources of evil in the world. We will be stretched. There must be an opposition in all things. We must exercise faith, which invites the positive power of Christ.

Four tools for us.

Prayer. Fear not to share everything that concerns us, great and mundane. He cares. His peace will focus an eternal life in our struggles. Pray with our children morning and night in family prayer. Should be a non-negotiable priority.

Scriptures. We talk to God in prayer; He communicates back most often in scripture. Chose to take time to study them. Reconsider your priorities. If you dedicate time to study scripture, peace will prevail in your life.

Weekly family home evening. Not just an afterthought. Make it a priority even over homework. Structure not as important as time invested. Gospel taught formally and informally.

Go to the temple. No more peaceful place on Earth. Get your recommend. Use it often. Schedule a regular time to be in the temple.

Carlos A. Gudoy speaks in Portuguese. What a privilege to be part of this historic moment of speakers speaking in Conference in their native tongues. \

Moments of great decision in our lives. Small moments can have significant consequences. Quotes President Uchdorf: Difference between happiness and misery comes down to an error of only a few degrees.

Speaks of a good time when he was unsettled by a question about his patriarchal blessing. Was he on track with it? Felt a need for some changes. Not right or wrong, but good or better.

We need to consider our options with the end in mind. What does the Lord expect of each of us?

We need to be prepared for the challenges that will come. Are we willing to pay the price for our decisions? We are not here to waste our time, grow old, and die.

Choir and congregation: “Count your blessigns”

Allan F. Packer speaks of receiving a prized hatchet as a Scout. Chopped at a fallen tree in the dark to get wood for a fire. Did not cut well. Disappointed. Discovered he had not taken the cover off the hatchet.

We must not be distracted when seeking the Kingdom. Pay attention to all, not a few things or irrelevant things.

Qualifying for exaltation like entering a new country. We need our spiritual passport. Church cannot do it for us. Quest of a lifetime.

Church focuses on divinely appointed responsibilities.

Gospel much more a family activity than a church activity.

Importance of family history work.

Take the cover off our hatchets and go to work.

Ugo E. Martinez in Spanish. Blessing to serve.  He who serves in something is good for something. He who serves in nothing is good for nothing.

Savior focuses on the individual and the family. Worth of souls great in the sight of God.

Our personal ministry begins in discovering needs then tending to them. Hurricane in Puerto Rico.

Being a good example of Jesus Christ is our best letter of introduction.

Our ministry not limited to the living.

Parable of the sheep and goats.

Choir: “I Am a Child of God”

Larry S. Catcher on decisions in this life. Incident in Oman trapped in a rip tide. Worse, his wife had followed him because she trusted him.

Wanted to ski. Felt impressed to leave Europe. In Provo, drawn to church members. Baptized in 1972.

Opposition in all things. Pulled at by friends and family hostile to the Church. Human rip tides.

“Behold, ye are little children, and ye cannot bear all things now.”

Honest inquiry welcome. Question is where we will turn for the answer.

Our choices affect others.

Expresses gratitude for his in-laws.

David A. Bednar speaks to nonmembers. Why are Mormons so eager to proselyte?

The Church of Christ will always be a missionary church. Great Commission. Ours is a restoration of that primitive Church.

We are not scoring brownie points or trying to coerce you. We want you to come to know for yourself that what we share is true.

Brother trying to help younger brother. “And they shall have cause to howl…” (Amusement). Injured brother cleans up the mess and goes outside — starts bandaging his friends.

Story of Enos

We share because of how the Gospel has blessed us.

Thomas S. Monson speaks briefly. Appreciates talks. Thanks those released from general callings. Calls on us to be better to others. Show respect. Help those with challenges. Remember the elderly and homebound. Succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down and strengthen the feeble knees. Be people of integrity. Follow Christ. Be examples, lights to the world. Invokes the blessings of heaven on us.

Choir: “We every pray for thee”

Prayer: John S. Tanner

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