Sunday morning session. President Uchdorf conducting.

Choir: “Praise the Lord”

Prayer. Did not catch the name.

Choir: “Praise to the Man”

Elder Henry B. Eyring: Love and light from God. Leaders need constant stream of revelation. Joseph Smith restored the power of the Holy Ghost which is the key to continuing revelation at all levels of the Church.

Curfew and President Eyring’s mother. In her words was found the counsel of God as from a patriarch.

Confirming revelation to leaders. Teton dam.

D&C 122. Priesthood leaders must sometimes give hard counsels. We must cultivate the gift of the Holy Ghost to confirm their words. The sealing power.

Relevation to prophet for Church, etc., down to individuals for themselves.

Elder Russell M. Nelson: Speaks of sustaining the Prophet. We must not sustain in form only. Speaks of performing open heart surgery on President Kimball. Surgery risky and not recommended by Dr. Nelson. Was recommended by First Presidency and took place. It was successful and Dr. Nelson received a witness of President Kimball’s future prophetic call.

Law of common consent. Leaders in the Church do not choose themselves and are not elected. We sustain. Sustaining is something like an oath, binding us to respect the leader’s call.

Fifteen prophets, seers and revelators sustained. Must be unanimous in their decisions. Requires strong direction of the Spirit for such strong-willed men to all agree. Lord’s system of governance provides redundancy and backup. No one man can lead the Church astray. There are provisions for a President who is in poor health to ensure the Church continues to be led. When President disabled, the two counselors form a quorum of the First Presidency. Major policy involves Twelve as well as First Presidency.

We ever pray for thee, our prophet dear.

Carol F. McConkie. Role of prophet. We sustain President Monsen. Church built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets.

The widow of Zarephath and Elijah.

Following the prophet is always right. The Lord will feed those who trust Him. Manna to the souls.

Choose to stand with the prophets.

Choir and congregation: “Come, Ye Children Of the Lord”

Robert D. Hales. Studied final testimonies of prophets in each dispensation. All testified of the Father and Christ. Father loves Son; Son shows love by obeying Father’s will. When we understand Their love, we will have eternal life.

Knowing God comes through personal revelation. Holy Ghost testifies. We love them because They first loved us.

Christ and Father bear record of each other. Separate in being but alike in purpose. Both appeared in First Vision.

Seek a personal witness. Comes through Holy Ghost.

Christ the Rock of Heaven. A house founded on the Rock is a house of glory.

James J. Hamula. The Last Supper. First Sacrament. The New Testament in His blood. Sacrament signifies full acceptance of Christ and the promise of eternal life.

Sacrament instituted among the Nephites. A testimony to the Father.

Sacrament one of the most holy and sacred ordinances in the Church.

Sacred remembrance.

Sequence of bread first and water second not inconsequential. Resurrection for all, eternal life for righteous. Not whether we will live, but with Whom we will live after we die. First we witness that we will remember, then we witness that we do remember.

We make solemn committment to repent.

Receiving anew is a consummate blessing. Sacrement helps us endure to the end.

Ordinances prepare us to see the face of God.

Choir: “Softly and Tenderly”

President Thomas S. Monson. Challenges and purposes of mortality. To obtain a body of flesh and bones, experience that can only come from separation from our heavenly Parents. To prove us.

Great gift of agency. Learn from the hard taskmaster of experience. Decisions determine destiny. We did not come without direction and guidance. Christ our exemplar. We must endure to the end in following His example.

Christ knew disappointment: “O Jerusalem …” Christ knew temptation. Lucifer in the wilderness.

To obey is better than sacrifice.

His parables.

Put Christ at the center of our lives that we may gain eternal life. His path will take us safely home.

Choir: “How Firm a Foundatino”

Prayer: Rosemary M. Wickson




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