Pocket-sized scriptures-1A few years ago, the Church published a pocket-sized Book of Mormon. Now you can get a pocket-sized printed version of the entire standard works.

The new set contains the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. The Book of Mormon includes the Guide to the Scriptures (the first time this has been available in print in English) and color illustrations.

The new set has black covers and rounded corners to reduce corner curling. Each book fits perfectly in a front shirt pocket, side or back pockets of shorts or pants, and backpacks.

For years, the Church has published a pocket-sized scripture set for use by military personnel. But now anyone can buy this new set.

Many people prefer to study the scriptures digitally because they can search, highlight, and make notes, and all that syncs across your computer, tablet, and mobile phone. However, the new pocket-sized set allows a camper, hiker, or missionary to carry printed scriptures in places where they would not want to take a digital device.

Get the new pocket-sized scripture set at your local distribution center or order online. You can get the entire set, or each of the 4 books separately.

Pocket-sized scriptures-2

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