The first part of a series of articles on the Arabian Peninsula and the Book of Mormon was just published in Meridian Magazine. "Beginnings: The Discovery of Nephi’s Bountiful" by Warren Aston retraces the events behind the discoveries relevant to the Book of Mormon in the Arabian Peninsula. Part 1 looks at the formulation of the hypotheses Warren Aston wanted to test.

As a result of work by a few individuals, we now have remarkable treasures of knowledge regarding the Book of Mormon and evidences supporting the plausibility of First Nephi, as I discuss on my Book of Mormon Evidences page.

Meeting Warren Aston last year in Australia was one of my highlights for the year. I am inspired by his story and how much good one man, entirely self-funded, was able to do. But much remains to be done to more fully explore key sites in Oman, Yemen, and Arabia (not to mention the New World!). The surface has barely been scratched. What an exciting time to be a Latter-day Saint.
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