I'm nearing the end of John Sorenson's monumental tome, Mormon's Codex: An Ancient American Book, and highly recommend it. There is a lifetime of serious research from a good scholar in this work. Book of Mormon students will find numerous details from the geography, geology, archaeology, anthropology, and natural science of Mesoamerica enrich our understanding of the Book of Mormon and even its message. It's worth the weeks that it may take you to get through this very large book.

 It's not an easy read, especially if you buy the electronic version from Deseret Book and try to read it on an Android device. Abandon hope. Deseret Book is aware of the failed execution of their ebook and is giving refunds to those who are experiencing trouble. Stick with real paper--it's healthier, easier on your eyes, easier to read, and being made from a carbon-dioxide-removing renewable resource, is actually better for the environment than using coal-powered electricity from destroyed mountain tops in West Virginia, but that's another story. The main thing is you can read it and enjoy it far better as a physical book than an ebook. However, it appears that Amazon is now offering a Kindle version. If that's really a Kindle version and not an ebook that must use Deseret Book's unfortunate Deseret Bookshelf software, then that should work. Actually, the Deseret Bookshelf version was fine when I was reading it on my old iPad 1, but after moving to a Samsung Android device, I was pretty much unable to read longer chapters, make notes, or add highlighting. Sad.

I've got a lot to say about the book and some of the gems I've found in it. More on that later.
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