If you have links to LDS.org on your blogs or websites, please review this article for important information on how to update links to any of the old LDS.org pages that were recently decommissioned.

ldsorg-June-2000When LDS.org was upgraded in November 2009, the URLs were also upgraded to make them more usable and search engine friendly. At that time, the old version of LDS.org was renamed classic.lds.org. The LDS.org development team made great efforts to redirect the major sections of content (such as magazines, manuals, general conference talks, scriptures, gospel topics, and temple pages) from the old LDS.org pages to the new LDS.org pages.

After keeping these classic pages available for 4 years, they have now been retired. Old pages that have no redirects will receive an Error 404 Page Not Found for a few weeks, and after a few weeks, they will simply be redirected to the LDS.org home page.

What you need to do

If your blog or website has links to any old URLs, you should update them to the new URLs.

You can readily identify the old URLs because they begin with lds.org/ldsorg/v/… or lds.org/Static%20Files/PDF/…  or they include numbers and commas like 0,16172,4118-3,00.html. All the new URLs are “friendly,” meaning that they contain logic and words that are readable, such as lds.org/manual/gospel-principles/chapter-1-our-father-in-heaven (chapter 1 of the Gospel Principles manual) or lds.org/friend/2014/01 (the January 2014 issue of the Friend magazine).

Once you’ve identified an old link on your website or blog, click on it.

  • If it redirects to a new URL, copy that new URL from the address bar and update your link with the new URL. (Although the old link redirects to the new URL today, we recommend you update your link because these redirects are only available temporarily.)
  • If the link gives a Page Not Found error or simply redirects to the home page of LDS.org, then search for the new content on LDS.org to find the new URL.


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