lds-mormon-familyA new study of religion in America has a lot to say about Mormons (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). This sociological study provides valuable insight to the nature and social effects of American religion.

The study’s authors conclude that in many respects, religion in America exerts a healthy influence upon American society, promoting generosity, trust, neighborliness, and civic engagement. And even though LDS people are a relatively small component of American society, they play a conspicuous part in American religious life.

Here are a few key findings about Latter-day Saints:

  • Mormons are among the most devout religious groups in the country. They are highly active in religious observance and believe that religion is personally important to them.
  • Mormons are likely to keep their childhood faith as adults. Individuals raised as Latter-day Saints are among those most likely to keep their faith.
  • Mormons are unusually giving. Latter-day Saints are among the most charitable of Americans with their means and time, both in religious and nonreligious causes.
  • Mormons are relatively friendly to other religious groups. The study shows that Latter-day Saints are among those most friendly toward people of other faiths.
  • Mormons believe that one true religion exists. While many American religions claim to being exclusively “true,” Latter-day Saints are most likely to affirm that there is a “true” faith. However, Mormons are also the most convinced of any group that those outside their faith can “go to heaven” or gain salvation.

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