Book of Mormon translationsThe Book of Mormon is published in 109 languages, and many of them are available in multiple formats online.

In March 1830, 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon were printed in the E. B. Grandin print shop in Palmyra, New York. From that humble beginning, today the Church prints over 3 million copies a year on large web presses. Over 160 million total copies have been distributed since 1830. Truly, this important witness of Jesus Christ is beginning to cover the earth.

Today, all or part of the Book of Mormon has been translated into 109 languages. 86 are translations of the full book and 23 are translations of Selections from The Book of Mormon, which is approximately one third of the full book.

Available Translations of the Book of Mormon
All are available in print. Other formats are indicated in parentheses.

  1. Afrikaans (PDF)
  2. Albanian (online, mobile, PDF)
  3. American Sign Language (DVD, mobile)
  4. Amharic (mobile, PDF)
  5. Arabic (mobile, PDF)
  6. Armenian (mobile, PDF)
  7. Armenian-West (selections only)
  8. Aymara (mobile, PDF)
  9. Bengali (selections only, PDF)
  10. Bikolano (selections only, mobile)
  11. Bislama (mobile, PDF)
  12. Bulgarian (mobile, PDF)
  13. Cakchiquel (selections only, audio)
  14. Cambodian (mobile, PDF)
  15. Catalan (PDF)
  16. Cebuano (online, mobile, PDF)
  17. Chamorro (selections only)
  18. Chinese (online, mobile, PDF)
  19. Chinese–Simplified Characters (online, mobile)
  20. Chuukese (selections only, PDF)
  21. Croatian (PDF)
  22. Czech (online, mobile, PDF)
  23. Danish (online, mobile, PDF)
  24. Dutch (online, mobile, PDF)
  25. Efik (selections only, PDF)
  26. English (audio, online, mobile, PDF)
  27. Estonian (online, mobile, PDF)
  28. Fante (PDF)
  29. Fijian (mobile, PDF)
  30. Finnish (online, mobile, PDF)
  31. French (online, mobile, PDF)
  32. German (online, mobile, PDF)
  33. Greek (mobile, PDF)
  34. Guarani (online)
  35. Haitian (online, mobile, PDF)
  36. Hawaiian (mobile, PDF)
  37. Hiligaynon (PDF)
  38. Hindi (PDF)
  39. Hmong (PDF)
  40. Hungarian (online, mobile, PDF)
  41. Icelandic (online, mobile, PDF)
  42. Igbo (PDF)
  43. Ilokano (online, mobile, PDF)
  44. Indonesian (online, mobile, PDF)
  45. Italian (online, mobile, PDF)
  46. Japanese (audio, online, mobile, PDF)
  47. Kekchi (online, PDF)
  48. Kiribati (PDF)
  49. Kisii (selections only, PDF)
  50. Korean (audio, online, mobile, PDF)
  51. Kuna (selections only, PDF)
  52. Lao (online, PDF)
  53. Latvian (online, PDF)
  54. Lingala (PDF)
  55. Lithuanian (PDF)
  56. Malagasy (online, mobile, PDF)
  57. Malay (online, mobile)
  58. Mam (selections only, audio, PDF)
  59. Maori (PDF)
  60. Marshallese (PDF)
  61. Maya (selections only, PDF)
  62. Mongolian (online, mobile, PDF)
  63. Navajo (selections only, audio, PDF)
  64. Niuean (selections only, PDF)
  65. Norwegian (online, mobile, PDF)
  66. Palauan (selections only, PDF)
  67. Pampango (selections only)
  68. Pangasinan (PDF)
  69. Papiamento (selections only, PDF)
  70. Persian (selections only, PDF)
  71. Pohnpeian (selections only, PDF)
  72. Polish (PDF)
  73. Portuguese (audio, online, mobile, PDF)
  74. Quechua-Bolivia (selections only, PDF)
  75. Quechua-Peru (selections only, PDF)
  76. Quiche (audio, selections only, PDF)
  77. Quichua-Ecuador (online, PDF)
  78. Rarotongan (PDF)
  79. Romanian (online, mobile, PDF)
  80. Russian(online, mobile, PDF)
  81. Samoan(online, mobile, PDF)
  82. Serbian (PDF)
  83. Setswana
  84. Shona (PDF)
  85. Sinhala (PDF)
  86. Slovak (online, mobile)
  87. Slovenian (PDF)
  88. Spanish (audio, online, mobile, PDF)
  89. Swahili (online, PDF)
  90. Swedish (online, mobile, PDF)
  91. Tagalog (online, mobile, PDF)
  92. Tahitian (PDF)
  93. Tamil (PDF)
  94. Telugu (PDF)
  95. Thai (online, PDF)
  96. Tok Pisin (PDF)
  97. Tongan (online, mobile, PDF)
  98. Turkish (PDF)
  99. Twi (PDF)
  100. Tzotzil (audio, selections only, PDF)
  101. Ukrainian (online, mobile, PDF)
  102. Urdu (PDF)
  103. Vietnamese (online, mobile, PDF)
  104. Waray (selections only)
  105. Welsh (PDF)
  106. Xhosa (PDF)
  107. Yapese (PDF)
  108. Yoruba (PDF)
  109. Zulu (PDF)

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