If you haven't noticed lately, Mormon Missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are using their unique skills, talents and determination to preach the gospel around the globe.

And, they're doing it in the most interesting ways; making what they do both cool and fun!

Today, I want to give a shout out to a couple of very innovative Mormon missionaries' who serve in a ward within the bounds of the England Manchester Mission. Within the mission there are 16 missionaries called to teach, specifically, those who speak Chinese - although the numbers are relatively small, perhaps 1 in a thousand, at best.

These focused, LDS missionaries visit restaurants, takeaways, and are trying other creative means to seek out the Chinese, and pray they will listen to the message of the restored gospel. 

What I've learned from, John, a local ward member, is that the "the Brethren" are eager to teach the Chinese living outside of their homeland, with the desire that the gospel of Jesus Christ will find its way inside of China - a country that will not allow proselytizing.

Elders' Chong and Hare, have developed a Unique Selling Point, which is heard everywhere they go - ukulele's in hand. John said, "They are often found wandering into a Chinese takeaway serenading the staff and customers".

Elder Chong spoke mandarin before coming, whereas Elder Hare, a mountain of a man, from Hawaii, spent three months in a LDS Mission Training Center in order to learn the language. Hare, as a former policeman in Hawaii, never tires of peoples first comment being, "book 'em Dano"!

John explained that these two, fun-loving Elders, are experimenting with all sorts of ideas to help them find people to teach. But don't worry, their shenanigans are first approved by a responsible Mission President, before they ever make it to market. And boy, am I glad he gave them the go to launch a YouTube channel: England Manchester Mission Videos.

And without further ado, I want to share the video that launched the YouTube channel endeavor, made by... you guessed it, Elder Hare and Elder Chong, on their locally renowned ukulele's! (I suggest you begin video at the 3:00 mark and then go back and watch the entire video.)

Update: I just found out from LDS Living Magazine, who just picked up the video from this post, that you can "use the CC button at lower right for English captions". Perfect!

Video: 你为什么不接受洗礼? (Why Won't You Be Baptised?)

(Video link: begins at mark 3:00 http://youtu.be/XUufUsD5R44?t=3m)

FYI: The England Manchester Mission President has the goal to make this missionary video go"viral", which is why John contacted me. To date, its been viewed 3124 times - not a bad start.

Can we help? Sure we can! 


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