This is a fairy tale told by Moses and Darwin.

Once upon a time, after the gods had separated right from wrong and wisdom from stupidity, they created a universe from the primordial singularity. Stars appeared, and worlds, and on them the gods decreed that life would appear in the dust of the earth. They gave the life a command to evolve towards man, and split life into sexes that life could better evolve and so man, when he came, would not be lonely. They instructed life to explore all the niches it could find. Life did, and diversified and ramified. The gods blinked and a million years passed. They blinked again and a hundred million years passed. At last, perhaps on some African plain, man-like forms became intelligent enough to receive a portion the divine spirit. Man was created.

At the dawn of man, we had not evolved defenses to God. Every one of the new consciousnesses shone with the light of the Paraclete. They lived in harmony and love.

But they ate that apple-sex–and the fruit was continued evolution. Here and there a child was born whose mind had a twist. A nascent subconscious, perhaps, or a slight ability to self-deceive. A certain mist over the consciousness’s direct connection to the divine, perhaps. And in the famines, they ate maybe just a little bit more than their fair share. The other ape-men noticed their mental deficiencies and moral handicaps and gave them even more food out of pity. From generation to generation they at that sweet fruit and begat, till the survivors cast themselves from the garden.

Not long after, Cain murdered Abel.

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