Deseret Book just announced a new resource for LDS Missionaries.

MissionHome.com is a missionary website that focuses on each phase of missionary service—prepare, serve, and return. It has information about the 405 missions around the world, articles by LDS authors to help young men and women prepare for their missions, and even a place to order care packages for missionaries already serving.

Mission Home is a great resource for soon-to-be missionaries, for returned missionaries, and for families of those who are currently out in the mission field.

Mission Home also has a new web series, “The Call,” with stories and life-changing moments from youth around the world who have decided to answer the call to serve. Below is the first video from the series.

In addition to visiting the site at missionhome.com, you can like the Mission Home Facebook page to stay up to date with new additions to the site.

Deseret Book is also creating mobile phone backgrounds for all the missions on the Mission Home Pinterest page.

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