The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has created a series of videos to provide an introduction to the Church, its members, and its various programs and organizations. These videos are perfect for sharing information about the Church with your friends.

These videos, usually 4-10 minutes in length, feature members of the Church discussing their experiences, beliefs and practices, and providing answers to common questions about the Church.

The longest video is the video below, “The Church at a Glance,” which gives an overview of the Church. The other videos focus on topics like humanitarian efforts, beliefs, missionary work, temples, family, education, and Church history and organization.

The videos are available in English only, but may be translated in the future. The full series can be found on Mormon Newsroom’s YouTube channel and in the LDS Gospel Library app. You can view the videos, download the files, or share them by linking to them from your social media sites.

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