deseret-industriesPresident Heber J. Grant announced the new Church welfare program in 1936 and two years later, the first Deseret Industries opened in Salt Lake City on August 12, 1938.

President David O. McKay spoke of Deseret Industries as follows: “The real purpose of the Industries is to produce independence on the part of each individual, to make himself supporting, to replace idleness with thrift and productivity.”

In 2012, Deseret Industries provided over 14 million service opportunities around the country, placed tens of thousands of people into jobs, and donated millions of pounds of clothing to the poor and needy.

Marion G. Romney stated, “Deseret Industries is one of the best projects, if not the best, to accomplish what is hoped for…the welfare plan is the approach to the true economy of God. His purpose is for us to be equal in earthly things. When He comes to earth again, there will be no poverty.”

It’s exciting to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of such a wonderful organization.

Above is a photo of the first Deseret Industries store that opened in Salt Lake City 75 years ago.

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