Taz is a Mormon woman who loves to create. On her blog, 365 Different, she helps people create a personal history by providing daily questions for herself and her readers. And, just for fun, she also has decided to take a photo every day with a different necklace (most of which she has created herself).

Taz writes:

Your memories are yours alone. They help to make the person you are now. They are an important part of the history of your life. If you share them with others, they live on and bless others to know something about you long after you are gone..
…I will be posting a question per day to help jog your memory of things you have experienced in your life…
These questions are dedicated to the preservation of your memories…
…[I]f the questions do not apply to you, there is always the single word prompts that you can choose to write a memory about instead. They are located on my first entry.


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