This article about BYU’s animation studio is the cat’s miaow, and it brings together three important JG themes:

1. Weapons-grade Mormonism. The gospel is an Archimedean lever. It’s always busting leaks in the walls of rational calculation. We’d know this from experience even if we didn’t know it from scripture .

2. Pop culture is filth. The reporter laughs at our sensitivities a little bit, little realizing how desensitized he is himself. If he went on media diet for awhile and then went back, he’d know what we know.

3. Salvation is dark and bloody ground. Life is messier and more muddied than we Mormons usually want to know. The atonement–the torture and death of the the world’s best man–is the center of the gospel, and we forget it at our peril.

On a personal note, I had an experience like the one fella in the article, who felt liberated going off to school in embracing his inner Saint. I love BYU for that.

[Hat tip to MC]

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