Not much information was provided along with this video, just posted, in time for Mother's Day; although it clearly speaks for itself. But apparently it was produced in association with a number of faith oriented groups, and I'm assuming one of those, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) as a reminder to all of us, the importance of motherhood and the family. 

Regardless, you're going to love this touching video, and you'll definitely want to share it with 'Every Mother' (its title), you know...

Video: To Every Mother

To Every Mother...

Every time a child is born

So is a Mother.

An eternal bond is formed.

As you grow, your mother is there

There to tuck you in

to cheer you up

There to teach

There to send you off

and to listen

when you call

There to encourage you as you explore


and dance the night away

There to encourage

to build faith.

There by your side, when others have left you

There in good times

and hard times

There in the details of daily life

Life doesn't come 
with a manual

it comes with a Mother

This Mother's Day thank the women who have 
loved, mentored, and mothered you.

This year for Mother's Day, in order to honor the sacred calling of mother, I've extended an invitation to some exceptional LDS women; my friends -- who also blog --  to come over to WBMW and share some of their personal insights about motherhood. I've had such a delightful response, and so this Wednesday evening I'll begin sharing those special 'words of wisdom' with you. 

Kathryn Skaggs

Photo source: screenshot taken from video

WBMW: Past thoughts on Mother's Day...

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