Monson-May-Ensign-2013What a wonderful general conference!  Knowing that you’ll want to read, listen, and watch the addresses again, below is a summary of what you can access online:


The English text of the April 2013 LDS General Conference is now available at and is now available in the Gospel Library mobile app. Translated texts will be posted to both web and mobile over the coming days. You can also find the text of the talks in the May issue of the Church magazines available the first week of May.

Video and Audio

Video and audio files were posted online at in 19 languages immediately after the conclusion of each session of conference. More languages will be posted in the coming days. You can listen to or watch these online or download them.


To see the music at, click “Show Music” next to the label “Entire Conference” or go to the conference music page.

See the page “When Conference Materials Will Be Available” for more details.

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