At last, an explanation for Satan’s motives.      

I think it was L. Tom Perry. I could be wrong; I’m terrible with faces and names. (Which is a generally underappreciated reason for my distinctive gargoyle mask and bizarre stage name.)

Satan’s motivations have always seemed a little obscure for me. Spite, yes, but somehow that doesn’t seem enough. He certainly can’t think he’s actually going to win.

Proving to God that he was right all along — we really can’t be trusted with agency — is an explanation so satisfying it actually made me laugh out loud when it was offered. Not the first time a sudden realization of Yes! has done that; I laughed out loud when I saw the mathematics of gauge theory, and when I first saw the proof of Picard’s Theorem too.

His Majesty: “Please reference my previous comment on factory-farmed citizens.”

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