Today I attended a stake RS conference. In one of the sessions a speaker asked the obvious question that is seldom asked: What can I say or do so that you will remember what we talk about today and incorporate it into your life?

She then went on to point out that if there were an easy answer to this Heavenly Father would use it. His efforts on our behalf are often about helping us to remember truths and to act on them. He uses everything to remind us, from the enormous heavens above in their hourly changing majesty to the quiet promptings of the spirit hidden in the depths of our hearts.

Often when I’m working on some aspect of my life I pray that I will remember in the moment of decision what my larger goal is so that I can act accordingly. It feels like I get off the path when I forget. What is it that helps you to remember and act on truth?

Is there a time that you remembered a lesson or experience and it helped you act in accordance with truth?

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