prepare-to-serve-missionaryThe purpose of the website Prepare to Serve ( is to help you to learn about people so you can better serve them.

When Alex received his mission call to serve in Argentina in 2008, he wished there had been a video resource so he could learn more about Argentina’s culture and people. But there wasn’t. So, after he returned from his mission, he thought of the idea for such a resource and started last year. The site now has links to the following:

  • 240 videos about missionary preparation
  • 4,692 videos about countries
  • 442 videos about states
  • 800 blogs and websites from missionaries who serve around the world
  • Recommended Missionary Resources

How you can help

Since this is a personal project, Alex can use all the help he can get. He attends school full-time and works on the website whenever he gets the chance.  Here are some ways you could help:

  • Tell others about this resource.
  • Submit ideas about how to improve the website.
  • Index YouTube URLs relating to the culture of each country and U.S. state.
  • Create or upload cultural videos to YouTube and send him the URLs so he can embed them on the site.
  • Be interviewed about your home country or state.
  • Donate money to sponsor the creation of more resources for the country or state of your choice.

If you can help, contact Alex.

For more background about the site, read “New website helps missionaries ‘Prepare to Serve’.”

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