A remarkable non-profit organization in China, the Utah-Qinghai EcoPartnership, could use a little help a few times each year to review their English reports and make sure that the language sounds natural. Further, since there will be some description of Utah and its people, there is a desire to have someone from Utah or thoroughly familiar with Utah assist in this review. So a friend of mine (one of the coolest people in China!) is looking for a volunteer with editing skills and a Utah background to help out. Should only be a few times a year and nothing very lengthy. It's a volunteer position, but a chance to make a difference and become a small part of something quite exciting in China.

The Utah-Qinghai EcoPartnership is a non-profit organization dedicated to building relationships, encouraging all levels of government and business exchange, protecting intellectual property, and developing green technologies. It was forged by a Chinese man with some amazing ties who, after spending years working with Utah leaders, recognized that Utah has technologies and capabilities that can make China a better place. Some of the best examples of successful, legal, fruitful, and mutually beneficial technology transfer between the US and China have occurred in collaboration involving Utah schools like BYU and the University of Utah and some Utah businesses working with this partnership. Other examples of their work include aiding the creation of the sister-city relationship between Xining City and Utah County governments, Qinghai Normal University and Utah Valley University’s sister-school exchange program, the partnership of Xining middle school district with the city of Bountiful for a student exchange program, as well as a training and cultural exchange program for Chinese and Utahan government officials called the "Green Town Development."

These partnerships and cooperative programs have resulted in several awards and recognitions in China such as in September of 2012 when Qinghai Province and Utah State were honored with the national award for Best Cooperation from the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Earlier, in June of 2012, Xining City (the capital of Qinghai) won the service award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. Even further back on July 13 of 2011, Utah and Qinghai became sister-states. This relationship is recognized at the US and China national level as the Utah-Qinghai EcoPartnership, the only state level EcoPartnership program through the US Department of State.

For more information, the Utah-Qinghai EcoPartnership information, see the Utah-Qinghai EcoPartnership Website at http://www.utahqinghaiecopartner.com, and the US Department of State EcoPartnership Website.

If you would like to be involved, send me a note at jeff at jefflindsay d0t c0m and tell me a little about yourself and your interest. The leader seeking the help is looking for someone "mature" and responsible. Aren't we all!
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