I'm trying to behave myself at church. Truly, I am. In fact, I promised someone important that I would try and mend my ways, especially being more positive and constructive in my criticism. I won't tell you who, but I did promise.

With that in mind, I've structured today's post differently than I normally would. Instead of detailing how to be selfish at church I'm going to simply highlight the opposing behavior of how to be unselfish at church.

Are people selfish at church? I didn't say that . . .

So, here are my top ten ways to be unselfish at church:

10. Get to church on time so that leaders can start on time. Show that you actually care that others have exerted effort on your behalf and prepared spiritual content with your benefit in mind.

9. Sing the hymns so the poor chorister doesn't feel like an idiot waving her arm in front of people and the organist doesn't feel his time has been wasted practicing. Ignore the missed notes.

8. Acknowledge the children and the youth, especially in the hallways. Age means nothing here or in the hereafter. Anybody can get old. It doesn't take skill.

7. Actually read the Sunday School lesson assignment or other material before you come to class, especially during the week. 

6. Make your comments in classes relevant. Before blurting out an amusing story, ask yourself if it will support the teacher's point rather than throw the whole class off on a tangent.

5. Make your comments brief. The teacher was called to teach a class and set apart for this purpose. It is his/her responsibility to teach. You can support them in this calling by being brief, supportive and to the point.

4. Don't talk to other sisters during the Relief Society lesson. Respectfully give your attention to the teacher who spent time and prayer preparing a spiritual message for you.

3. Perform your callings, whatever they might be, to the very best of your ability.

2. Contemplate the atonement, especially during the Sacrament.

1. Heavenly Father has given you so much. Give Him at least three hours of your week. Make it your best hours, for Him.

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