So, what do Mormon's have to do with Christopher Dornan. Not much really. He graduated from Southern Utah University and was on the football team. Things must have been hard for him there. Comments from fellow students supports this. He isn't Mormon. By his own admission, he is non-religious; so being in Utah was undoubtedly difficult for him.

I've been ignoring most of the headlines about Dornan, because I don't like reading sensationalism about disturbed killers. Besides, I don't like reading news coverage. I don't like reading coverage of news coverage either. Even worse, I don't like reading slanted coverage of news coverage.  I like reading facts. So, I decided to read Dornan's words myself.

Now, it appears that some of what was in what I read wasn't Dornan's words after all. No matter, there is enough there to get a sense of the man.

So, why am I so disturbed by his so-called manifesto? Well, for starters, if I wanted to discredit someone, I'd borrow the term manifesto. It smacks of Ted Kaczynski. Another thing I would do is simply direct attention to what Dornan has done and away from the issues Dornan raised.

This is exactly what's being done.

But, I read enough to come to one conclusion: I don't think Dornan's a whacko. I think he became disturbed by internal corruption in the L.A.P.D. I think he became a killer, because he saw no other response to his predicament.

I'm tired of hearing dismissal of Dornan, because he's Dornan. His allegations against corruption in the L.A.P.D. have the ring of truth. Does that justify what Dornan himself has done? No. But, it doesn't vindicate the L.A.P.D. either.

Generally, it is people who have something to hide that are hiding something. Is Christopher Dornan trying to hide something? It doesn't seem so. He gives names, facts, refers to documents and begs people, especially the press, to investigate his situation.

He lost on appeal. So what. Did all the appeals deal with the merits of his claim or look for error in the adjudicatory process? I don't know. For him, the issue was the merits.

It is very hard to go up against liars in our judicial system. They can make up what evidence they want and say whatever they want. If you are truthful, then you are limited by the truth. If you accuse them of lying, they will just concoct more lies to try and refute you. How do you fight against that? You can't really. Sometimes history vindicates you, but it is usually long after the fact, if ever.

Dornan lost faith in justice because he doesn't feel he received it. What he is doing is what he considers his "last resort." I'm not condoning it. I suspect Christopher Dornan will be dead in a couple of days, whether by his own hand or someone else's. He is a killer . . . now.

The issues he raised will remain, even if he is no longer here. I believe him. I didn't expect to believe him, but I do. The internal corruption, image-protecting, ruthless ladder climbing, old boys network, office politicking and so forth is just too familiar to me to discount it.

The L.A.P.D. and the people Dornan accused are probably exactly, or close to, what he says they are and they have probably done what Dornan says they did.

Dornan's being told to give himself up and he will be treated fairly.

Please . . .

Dornan's being told that he won't be killed.

Right, the cops will just shoot women in trucks that looks like Dornan's.

What planet are we on?

The inescapable conclusion is that Dornan will soon die. Will we be told the facts about his death? I doubt it.

Maybe Dornan's last acts in this world are the acts of a man who followed principles and then discovered the system he had faith in didn't function under the same principles.

I've always said it would be difficult to wait for justice in the next life, if you don't really believe there is one.

Why wait? Why not just exact your own justice in this one and be certain? Is this a sort of Dirty Harry or The Equalizer? How would I know, I never watched those shows.

Does Dornan's manifesto ramble? Yeah it does. He covers every issue, including the kitchen sink. It reads like someone who is writing his last words and he covers every issue he can think of. I'm not sure mine would be much different.

Dornan didn't run amok until after all his appeals and legal avenues were exhausted. An unprincipled person probably would have become unhinged a bit earlier.

If you are principled, but non-religious, what can you do?

If you had proof that wrong-doing was occurring in high places, but it got covered up, smoke-screened over and you yourself were discredited, what would you do?

Well, I've been there. I know what I'd do. I'd have faith that justice would finally prevail, in the next life, at the very least. Meanwhile, my actions in this one would have to be blameless.

If I didn't have my religious faith, what would I do?

I don't know, and I don't like to think about it.

Meanwhile, the search for Dornan goes on. Is the public safe? That is hard to say. Right now, it is evident the police aren't as concerned about protecting the public as they are about protecting themselves.

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