I think that the small book True to the Faith: A Gospel Reference is one of the best-kept secrets in the Church.

This is a great reference book in your study of the scriptures and the teachings of latter-day prophets. It takes a topic-by-topic approach with simple explanations of gospel subjects arranged alphabetically like an encyclopedia.

Youth and new converts should receive a copy at no charge from their bishop. Wards and branches can order such copies at no charge using the item number 37054. Everyone else can buy a copy for $3.25 using the item number 36863. You can also download or read the book online.

The book is published in 46 languages.

This book was used several years ago as the basis for the Gospel Topics on LDS.org, although many of the topics online have now been expanded. You can reach this section of LDS.org by clicking the menu Teachings, then Gospel Topics, or just entering the URL topics.lds.org.

Read ideas about using True to the Faith in the December Ensign.


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