A few months ago, was upgraded to make it more mobile friendly to give smartphone and tablet users a much better browsing experience.

Using the technique known as “responsive web design,” the layout of now provides an app-like experience by automatically adjusting to the screen size of your smartphone or tablet. This is an important change because the mobile traffic on continues to increase, especially in Asia and developing countries. There are nearly 6 billion mobile service subscriptions globally, 1.5 billion of which have high-speed Internet service. 76% of those are in developing countries.

What’s the benefit?

  • Benefit to preaching the gospel. Before mobile devices, investigators of the Church had to return home to either call the phone number on a pass-along card or open on their computer. A mobile-friendly experience lets them instantly look up information about the Church.
  • Benefit to members. Members can study and share the gospel wherever they are. They can also access addresses and phone numbers of ward members or look up calendar information about upcoming ward events. They can read the ward newsletter or see what Sunday School lesson will be taught next Sunday.

What is your experience using the mobile Any suggestions for improvements?

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