Happy new year everyone!!!

I'm looking forward to a great year of game design and development. I love the creative process. It's awesome to see ideas from my mind turn into something tangible and playable. I want to do that more, and, sticking with my overarching goal of providing information about LDS games and helping get more LDS-themed games out there for people to play, I have come up with a little challenge for myself.

I am going to develop 12 games during the course of 2013 (one per month). The major constraint on these games will be that I have to be able to provide everyone out there with a PDF, print-n-play game. This will be a way of achieving my goal. It will also be a way of motivating myself to actual finish a design I start.

Also, each month will have it's own specific constraints. I don't know what these will be for every month of 2013, but for January it will include the following: a game composed of only cards and small wooden cubes that is Book of Mormon themed.

I hope to document the process as much as I can here on the blog. I am also completely open to any and all suggestions that anyone has. If you want to give me the constraints for a particular month, that would be fantastic as well.

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