We were both asked from a friend the other day about a pair of Vince Camuto boots she had bought but had no idea how to style (found here). We thought for a bit and realized that they were a bit difficult to style. On top of it, she specifically said she didn't want to look like "a cougar." After this statement we had a break through. We thought, "think Zina," or Urban Outfitters. A "cougar" (lol) would pair those boots with bedazzled jeans and big flashy jewelry (think housewives of orange county). Zina and Urban Outfitters would pair them with skinny jeans and more boho pieces like the images above (Zina is bottom right, all the rest are Urban Outfitters).

So we're thinking of having fashion advice be a more regular segment on this site. What do you guys think? If you're confused as to how to style a recent purchase, older item in your closet, or vintage find, send us a picture at Desiandmel at gmail dot com. We'll put together a little mock-up for you and feature it on the blog!
Let's have some fun!
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