Did you know that there is a special issue of the Ensign and the Liahona magazine that is focused entirely on the Lord Jesus Christ?

This issue was created specifically to help readers better understand Jesus Christ, receive a witness of His divinity, and feel a desire to follow Him. It will also give members an opportunity to share with others restored truths about the Savior.

Although it came out clear back in March 2008, the Church continues to make it available. Read it online: Ensign and Liahona magazine. The Liahona is available in many languages. Go to this page and choose your language in the pull-down selector on the right. If you want to see the full color layout, then click the first Download button on the page. More languages are available on the language pages.

You can order a copy of the Liahona online to give to a friend.  To get a copy of the English Ensign, you will need to call in your order.

Watch a computer-animated video of this special magazine issue about the Savior Jesus Christ.

Can you think of a friend with whom you could share this special issue of the magazine?

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