Citizen birthrates have dropped by 6% and immigrant birthrates have dropped by 14%, according to a Pew study.

Spiritual sterility, selfishness made into a life philosophy, and moral corruption are root causes. But none of those have increased that much over the last couple of years. What has happened is that the economy continues to drag and dither, the government continues to impose an ever finer web of anarchically-applied regulations, and the result is stagnation and something like despair. Meanwhile our entertainers continue to try to profit off on degradation, getting their profit now at the cost of continued decline and immiseration–apres moi, le deluge–, and our media and politicos continue to be completely ignorant, even willfully ignorant, of the single greatest source of America’s current problems and the single greatest future threat.

We Mormons are not immune. Everywhere one sees a broken society, a people who by the most basic metric have failed, and no one cares, no one can be brought to take the failure seriously, the gravest of ills are dismissed with shop-worn slogans rotely recited, or even embraced as some kind of perverse good.

How long will God let us stink in His nostrils? Why doesn’t he strike us down? He will let us stink until our decay is complete. He doesn’t strike us down because we are striking down ourselves.

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