I realized a few days ago that I had no good pictures on Facebook. Which means that when I ask people to set me up with the most intelligent, spiritual, attractive, single girl they know, they don't have much to work with.

I usually hate pictures of myself. Especially my face. I've developed enough self-esteem that I like the person who looks back at me from the mirror, but in pictures... Yeah. I'm not a fan.

So today, after Church, I combined the perfect ingredients in hopes that I'd get something worthwhile: a beautiful day, the $1k DSLR camera sitting on my table, and a little sister visiting from the dorms who loves me enough to indulge me.

I don't smile naturally. I'd look much better in an old-fashioned picture than in the modern ones. I think it's part of having autism. So we had to get over the issue of looking angry/somber and Amanda asked me a random question.

"How do you get 3 bulbasaurs, 2 charmanders, and a pikachu on a bus?"

I usually like to figure out punch lines (I know, that ruins the joke. But I enjoy it ten times more when I can figure it out for myself - like a good riddle), but this one was beyond me. My little brother loved Pokemon, but that was years ago. I had no idea.

"I have no idea. How?"

"You Pokemon!"

The utter absurdity, along with the obviousness of the answer, was definitely enough to make me laugh. She told a few more, and 20 minutes later, we had 200 pictures. Half a dozen were good enough to post to Facebook.

I love my life.

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