Mitt Romney's name and his run for the highest office in the land, United States President, will likely go down through the annals of history as the first Mormon to come this close to the United States Presidency -- and not necessarily because over 55 million Americans believed, among other things, that he had the economic background to save us from another and worse recession, or that he represented the value voters of America -- which he did.

Mormonism will now come to the forefront of U.S. history likely because, first, Mitt Romney is a Mormon and for that we should thank him for his willingness to put himself out there, knowing the risk it would be on both his personal faith and the public perception of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- of which both withstood the pressure with grace and dignity.

Think about it: over 55 million Americans (and rising) cast their vote for a Mormon! That is incredibly significant on so many levels. Most important, I think, is the fact that those 55 million + voters likely represent a majority of those having strong, conservative moral values -- complimentary to people of all religious faiths.

Having a Mormon run for POTUS is only part of Mormon faithfuls' enthusiasm for what the media has dubbed over this past year as the "Mormon moment". What's even more significant to members is that the Mormon religion has been brought forth out of relative obscurity through the 2012 election process and exposed that moral values are as important as ever -- regardless of mainstream media attempts to squelch its presence in American society -- which should give us great hope!

This coming out of Mormonism is also a huge win for the LDS Church -- regardless of the final election results for Romney. This moment in time has built a bridge for the Mormon faith, and as Michael Otterson, head of LDS public affairs, worldwide, explained to The Washington Post: from a place of which we will never go back.

For Mormons it is onward: to learn, grow and continue to take the message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. Mormons see this brief period in the spotlight of mainstream society as the doings of God and not man. Our perspective is honed to see such things, even political, as part of God's ultimate plan for His children and trust that all things, even the seeming negative, will be used to further the Lord's work. It's all about the law of opposition, in that God will bring all things to His advantage.

Mormons also believe that even if God's will were that Romney should have won the presidency (which many Mormons probably feel), the God-given agency of man is free to suppress that will --  allowed to run its course to consequence. What that might look like in the future is left to the unknown -- those potential consequences causing many Mormons to be concerned about the future of America.

As disheartening as Mitt Romney's loss may momentarily feel to many supporters, many Mormon, the office of the U. S. Presidency is about much more than any one man -- it is a reflection on what society values -- and I believe that is the concern of most who may be in somewhat of a mourning over the loss. And yet I truly feel that we have reason to rejoice in what this election has exposed in those 55+ million votes for conservative values.

No longer does liberal media have the power to convince us that we are a minority, with outdated morals and values.

No longer should we feel a shyness about speaking up on moral issues, thinking we are alone -- such as same-sex marriage, abortion, religious freedom, traditional family values, etc... 

No longer are people of faith set apart to their own corner of influence. We have now come together (55 million+ strong) as one voice for good -- and will be stronger than ever IF we continue to stand together!

If you walk away from this election with one thing let it be this fact: conservative Christian values have at least equal voice in America!

What positives do you see as a result of having had Mitt Romney, a Mormon, run for U. S. President? Do you feel that people of all faiths will be more likely to work together for the good of America as we move forward -- and how?

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