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Okay everyone, it’s time to make your Presidential Election Prognostications.

Between now and Tuesday before election polls start to close, post a comment here or on my social media with your predictions in roughly the following format:

Electoral Votes: Obama # / Romney #
Popular Vote: Obama % / Romney %
[Optional Link to electoral map of your prediction]
[Optional candidate for whom you will vote]

To help you make your prediction, go to the RCP electoral map site and create your own electoral map. (Or feel free to use any other map site out there.) If you can figure out how to generate a link to your map (perhaps by emailing it to yourself), you can post the map link if you want. You may also indicate who you will be voting for if you want to.

DO NOT post any explanations, reasons, justifications, other links, or engage in debate about your prediction. Just post your prediction and nothing else. After the election I’ll ask those whose predictions came closest to reality to explain how they came to the conclusions they did, and include their answers in a follow-up post.

My Prognostication:

Winner: Mitt Romney
Popular Vote: Obama 48% / Romney 52%
Electoral Vote: Obama 247 / Romney 291
I will vote for Romney

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