A Request from the Lindon Cannery.  If you are in a position to help, please contact them as soon as possible.  What an opportunity!:

We are way behind in finding missionaries for 2013. If you are possibly interested in serving at the Cannery next year, please send an email to wel-ca-lindon-wetpack@ldschurch.org . Please include your stake name.

We are needing around 10 new missionaries. Lindon Cannery missionaries serve for 1 year (Jan-Dec) for 2 assigned, 4.5 hour shifts a week (between 8-10 hours/week). We will only be working on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in 2013 and do not schedule production for the month of July. When needing to be gone on an assigned day, there are several other missionaries who do the same job you do so you can get substitutes and will be asked to substitute if needed.

This is an immediate request. First day of training is December 10, 2012. (No other responsibilities in December.)  First day of production is January 8, 2013. We are down to the wire!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Remember to send to the email above.

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