From the scriptures, we can infer that a meeting or council occurred a time or two in the eons before we were born. Now in mortality, meetings are much more frequent. And painful. So many of us mourn and wonder, "Why is this meeting happening to me?" There is, however, purpose in the sufferings of the flesh. Ultimately we must remember the words of Christ in Matthew 24:13: "He that endures to the end, the same will be saved." If that applies to mortality, surely it at least applies to ward council or stake conference.

As for the punishment that is meted out to the wicked, we must also remember the mercy of relief that is promised. Drawing upon Doctrine and Covenants 19, we understand that it is not written endless meetings, but rather eternal meetings, which though eternal in nature need only be endured for a finite span, perhaps a thousand years or so, or so it often seems.

May we make our meetings more effective and better planned, that we may not be the cause of needless pain, that others might not despair and cry out, "What, no agenda? And why must we endure this chitchat that could have been handled with a phone call or email?" Remember, "inasmuch as we have done this meeting unto one of these the least of your brethren, ye have done it unto me."
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