Fifteen years ago when I first heard about genetically modified food I thought, “Oh! They are messing with the genetics of our fruits and vegetables to make them bigger and better tasting.” It didn't seem so bad at the time. Genetic modification may have started with such good intentions, but sixteen years later after genetically modified foods first hit the market in 1996, it has become a dark and dangerous industry.  Its deeds are probably far worse than most people could have imagined.

Food crops are being genetically modified so that they are resistant to Roundup, that broad spectrum herbicide that kills most living plants. Why do people want to make food crops resistant to Roundup? The answer is that they want to dump the stuff on crops so that farmers do not have to worry about weeds.

Roundup resistant crops, called Roundup ready crops, are being sprayed with the herbicide, harvested and processed, and then delivered to your local grocery store. Should you be concerned? Yes. There are copious amounts of data pointing to health concerns with this practice, data that the FDA is apparently ignoring. While we are on the topic of big organizations, you might also find it interesting that the company that manufactures Roundup, Monsanto, is heavily invested in the production of genetically modified seeds. It should come as no surprise that Monsanto is also ignoring data suggesting that Roundup ready food crops pose a health hazard.

With the FDA and USDA apparently in bed with big business (i.e., Monsanto) on this issue, the only avenue for change is the American consumer. We need to demand labeling of genetically modified foods so that, by choosing not to purchase these products, we can force the food producers to change their ways. In recent years consumers demanded labeling of milk products produced from rBGH-injected dairy cattle, a hormone that should never have been used in cattle and which our governmental agencies failed to protect us from. Now many consumers are opting to purchase only rBGH-free dairy products and the practice of injecting the hormone in cattle is quickly going out of style. We need to do the same with Roundup ready food crops.

Here is more information on how Roundup ready crops are sickening Americans and what you can do to protect your family.


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