By virtue of my own cantankerosity, I hereby ordain and establish the 3rd day of October (being the 10th month of the Gregorian calendar despite its name) as International Language Nazi Day.

Henceforth, on every October 3rd, all those who feel duty-bound to condemn the misuse and bastardization of language by their friends, enemies, neighbors, and loved ones are encouraged to rant and rave about grammar, pronunciation, scansion, orthography, semantics, phraseology, diction, punctuation, &c.

May this annual day of catharsis provide a welcome respite from the rancorous politicking that often typifies the season by briefly refocusing our enmity on other matters of grave import.

And, having cast their stones of umbrage at those guilty of such grave sins of the pen or of the tongue on the day so appointed, let them therefore forebear until that same day of the subsequent year.

Thus it is decreed and ordained. Amen and Amen.

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Video: Grammar Nazis [Warning: Contains Brief Graphic Violence]


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