The LDS Church Public Affairs has just published a fantastic video explaining what temples are all about to Mormons.  In it they have a conversation with Elder William R. Walker, Executive Director of the Church Temple Department.  Elder Walker gives a great walkthrough tour of LDS temples, somewhat like a video walking tour through many of the rooms and parts of modern day temples, very similar to what you might see during an open house of a new temple.  Some of the video shown of the interiors is some I’ve never seen before, including video of inside the Salt Lake Temple celestial room and baptistry.  It is gorgeous, in full 1080p Hi-Def resolution.

I’m very pleased and excited about this new video from the Church.  I’m glad that we are taking this opportunity now, with such a great spotlight on us as a people, to explain our beliefs, particularly about the temple, and have this kind of open “conversation.”  We too need to learn how to similarly converse with others about the temple.  There are so many misconceptions that abound, even still today, and it is great to see the Church use such innovative media to help explain things.  Some believe that by taking our temple practices out of context, in exposé fashion, they might do damage to us.  I have always felt that those who are honest in heart, who truly want to learn about something, will go to the source.

The video is unusually quite lengthy, at 15 minutes, which is great!  I hope that everyone that sees this video shares it, and helps pass it on to others.  I think things like this will go a long way in helping others learn what LDS beliefs truly are, and what the temple is all about.  Watch the video below.

Video: Mormon Temples – A Walkthrough Tour of LDS Temples

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