Yes, that actually is a logo from Amazon.  I actually have an Amazon Prime account....which is dangerous to me on a daily basis.  With an Amazon Prime account, there are no shipping shipping charges and the order is scheduled to arrive in 2 days.

I see lots of sites with really clever packaging for missionaries.  I believe most of these creative people have either more time, or more brain cells for cute packaging that I do sometimes.

When I had an missionary abroad, I sent things in Pringles Cans to protect them. I learned how to put little things in letters etc and I even sent Debbie Cakes with a musical Candle for my then 21 year old Irish missionary.

Our oldest served in Utah, but we sent him from South Carolina.  However, halfway through his mission we relocated to Utah....but did not live in his mission.  Alas, I did work in his mission.  I would go shopping, drop off his favorites at the mission home and then he would have them in about 2 hours.

Enter our latest missionary.  Again, I can be creative and do want to show my missionary that I love and miss him.  But, the creative thoughts come at 2:00 in the morning....and then they disappear during normal hours.  So, I have been doing the following......using Amazon.  (Just know if you are using the 'one-click' ordering....things will show up at your house versus at the door of your Missionary)

Why would I do this?  Well, when my missionary son (who is serving state-side) writes that he needs something.....I just pop on to Amazon, click on the needed item or items, and have the order delivered right to his door.  He loves it.

You may ask what I have sent?  Cases of Beef Jerky, Trail Mix, Granola Bars, Candy, shelf-stable foods and some of the following:

Now, just in case you are wondering.....I did send a really nice sewing kit and he did receive sewing instructions for buttons, seams, and hemming pants.  However, he says he doesn't have time for it...and maybe he doesn't.  So, he seems happy with these.

My cute missionary is serving in a very, very hot area of Texas.  I traveled to Texas in late June, and nearly melted in the heat and humidity.  I purchased this little fan at a big box store and wore it nearly the entire time I was visiting the great state of Texas.  (Just in case you were wondering.....I was three hours away from my son's mission.....I was good).  When I returned home, I ordered 2 of these along with a big pack of batteries and sent them to my son and his companion.  

So, although I might not get the award for cute and clever packaging as of late (I do that type of stuff for Christmas and Birthday's though), I get lots of thanks from my missionary.  In this really is the thought that counts!

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