Newsletter is a new option on that can be used by wards, stakes, branches, and districts to publish news and messages to their members. This is an online alternative to paper or email newsletters that organizations typically create. It’s also a replacement for the “News and Information” section of the old ward and stake websites ( that are now replaced by the new functions Calendar, Directory, Newsletter, and Lesson Schedules.

One advantage to using the new Newsletter is that it is always accessible on and available to any member of your ward or stake who can sign in with an LDS Account, regardless of whether the member is on your email list, in attendance on Sunday, or even active. The newsletter gives members an opportunity to get inspirational updates, news, messages, and other information from their leaders at any time.

To access the newsletter, go to and click Sign In, and then click Newsletter. You will be prompted to sign in with your LDS Account.

Once your ward or stake has published articles, they will appear on the newsletter homepage, arranged with the newest information at the top. You can filter the articles you want to see by selecting a category on the right.

Information and training for leaders who will publish articles can be found at “‘Newsletter’: A New Tool Available on for Publishing Newsletters.”

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