Sometimes it hits me.

A yearning deeper than the thoughts of my everyday, a feeling stronger than the surface of my reality.

It cuts me to the core, and makes me wonder.

It's a feeling like I should be someone... or somewhere... or something... and a longing, stronger than I can imagine, to make it happen.

It interrupts my workday, diverts my thoughts, and compels my attention to focus...

But I don't know what to do with it.

It's different from wanting to find love or wanting to make a friend. It's different from wanting to make a difference, or needing to do my home teaching, or needing to respond to a letter asking for help.

There is no clear direction along with the feeling... no revelation on the path I should take... just a deeply rooted sense of urgency - like the gut-wrenching feeling that someone, somewhere, needs help... and somehow I can do something.

Dear God, please help me figure out what it is I need to do... help me become the man I'm supposed to be. Bless those who are struggling in life, and help me do my part.
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