Watch this series of tips on how to accurately and sensitively react to inquires about the Church. The videos below are part of a series of 12 videos on the Mormon Channel.

In reaction to increasing media attention on the Church, you may be asked questions by your friends. These videos will give you ideas on how to respond. You may also want to send your friends a link to these videos by clicking one of the Share buttons below.

Answering Questions (How to answer questions by being yourself and talking about your own experiences.)

Why Do People Ask? (How to answer questions in context, assessing what the person knows and doesn’t know.)

The Power of Personal Experiences (Teach with authenticity by sharing your personal experiences.)

Social Media (How to become part of the conversation on social media.)

The Name of the Church (When to use the full name of the Church and the term “Mormon” or “Latter-day Saints”)

Here is a list of the whole series of videos from the interview with Ruth Todd hosting Michael Otterson, Managing Director of the Public Affairs Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

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