It's being said in Great Britain and it needs to be said here. The gospel is spreading digitally. Knocking on doors is passe.

Mormons turn to Facebook evangelism

Mormon missionaries take to Facebook to drum up converts

Mormons knock on heaven's door, online

Mormons are turning to the web to recruit new adherents

You would never think that it is surpassing the old traditional way of sharing the gospel but it is. Congregations all over the United States need to take notice. Listening to instruction there you would think the Internet doesn't even exist.

When I first started this blog, I was getting about 50 hits a day as a high. I told this to one of our missionaries. He told me, "That's more people than we talked to yesterday."

Wake up people! The future is already here!

Here are some quotes to prove it: (All from The Australian article.)
Elder Erich Kopischke, head of the Church's European operation who is in London to mark the 175th anniversary of American missionaries setting sail for Liverpool on July 1, 1837, told The Times that one post on Facebook could reach 900,000 people in an instant. It would take many months, if not years, to knock on that many doors, he said.
According to leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the doorstep has been superseded by social networks such as Facebook.
A Church spokesman said that social networking was proving far more effective than knocking on doors. Over a 12-month period, Mormon social networking missionaries have taken part in more than one million online chats.

I think they are right in saying, "the famously clean-shaven, clean-living Mormon missionaries might be shown the door for the last time."

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