Seeking the Gift is a new game coming this Christmastime from Touch Paper Press (here). The idea is to bring the gifts of the 3 Magi to the Savior. It looks like an interesting, fun, family game.

If you have never heard of Kickstarter (here), then let me explain it a little bit. If you have an idea, a product, whatever it might be, you can get set up on Kickstarter and market your idea, looking for people from around the world to invest in/pledge to you, sometimes referred to as "crowdsourcing." You can set up different levels of pledge, for example, with Seeking the Gift, if someone pledges $34, then they'll receive one copy of the game once it's produced. In addition to levels of pledges, you also set up a money goal and a deadline. If you meet the goal, then the money is transferred; if you don't meet your goal by the deadline, then everyone who pledged keeps their money.

I think that Kickstarter is a very cool way to get your projects off the ground and going. I wish Touch Paper Press a lot of success with their game, Seeking the Gift. If you find the game interesting and would like to contribute, you can pledge on Kickstarter (here).

Here's a video review of the prototype version of the game:

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