Orson Scott Card's interesting LDS project, The Nauvoo Times, is now out on the web. For reasons I can't comprehend, yours truly has been included among the group of contributing authors for this online magazine on LDS topics. I'd be recommending it even if I weren't slightly involved. One of my contributions, "Notes from the Ministry of Shoes," appears to be featured on the home page today, next to Orson's column. "Notes from the Ministry of Shoes" shares an experience from a Christian friend of mine here in Shanghai. It was through a local musician and night club owner that I was introduced to Jeff Fletcher, a black musician and multidisciplinary talent that I wanted to interview for a future book on a secular topic. But in the interview, he shared a dramatic story with religious value that I am able to share with his kind permission. I hope you'll check it out along with all the other content at The Nauvoo Times. Another post of mine you may wish to read is "Finding Moses." True story, and a bit embarrassing, but I hope you'll learn from my foolishness.
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