As the Harford Connecticut Temple (located in Farmington) winds through the public approval process the same tired issues are being brought up by those who oppose it. The article, "Mormon Temple, Massachusetts Neighbors Live In Peace" published May 25, 2012 in the Hartford Courant points out some important facts. The temple will be smaller than the Belmont, Massachusetts Temple. Even so, the same issues are being raised about it even though time has proven them to be groundless.
"But Farmington, with its large tracts of manicured lawns and quintessential New England traditions, is similar to Belmont in more than just aesthetics, location and population. Residents there had the same fears, questions and concerns during their own experience with the construction of a temple in 2000.
Now, 12 years later, the once controversial structure is hardly noticed by those in town."

Their fears were unfounded as any Mormon could have told them and as is now confirmed.

"Neighbors were incredibly concerned that busloads of people would come through residential streets not equipped to handle them," he said, adding that it didn't happen. "We had assumed the impact would be greater."

"There really were some concerns about noise and traffic, but it turned out to be nothing," said Lt. Richard Santangelo of the Belmont Police Department. "You really can't even tell they're there."
The Church sets up special web sites to answer these concerns. I wish more people would access them before they start opposing temples. Here is the site for the Connecticut Temple.

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