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In honor of her own Diamond Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth is making all the content of Queen Victoria's Journals available online for a limited time in a new web site entitled Queen Victoria's Journals. A total of 141 of Queen Victoria's journals have survived and are kept in the Royal Archives.

Just for fun, I decided to search "Mormon" to see if the great Queen had ever encountered it. There is one entry on Thursday, November 8, 1838. Read it below in it's entirety:
Talked of the Court Yard being all broken up, &c. Of Murray's having gone to Oxford; of his being in a great fright about a new Sect, which is sprung up, in America, called Mormonites, and of which he sent Lord M. a paper; they are followers of an Idiot, Lord M. said; Mormon is Greek for Idiot, he told me; and there are already 7000 followers of this Idiot, and 7, Murray told Lord M., have landed at Liverpool, meaning to preach their doctrine in Lancashire. This idiot, Lord M. continued, had a Revelation, it is said from an Angel, who desired him to lift up an immense Stone; the Idiot replied, he couldn't, for that it would require many men to do so; the Angel replied he had no faith, upon which the Idiot tried, and the Stone cane up with the greatest ease, underneath which they found this book of their religion. “All these sects tend to getting people's money”, said Lord M., “the 1st Article of their religion is Community of Goods; and the 2nd is, no marriage, that they might have the Women as they like; these new Sects always tend towards those two”
I don't think I'll comment on this description of Mormondom in 1838. I'll just let it stand . . .

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